Are you the next Macaroni Kid Publisher?



What is a Publisher?

Macaroni Kid Publishers are parents who live, work, and play in their communities. 

As a Macaroni Kid Publisher, you create a weekly e-newsletter of family events and activities in your community. You connect with other local parents and let them know about your website, and then you share the scoop with your readers. Once you have built your community, you can work with local businesses and generate advertising revenue.

Macaroni Kid’s independent Publisher Moms (and a few special dads) have the exclusive right to publish Macaroni Kid in their communities. They control the content they publish (though we provide content each week that you can choose to use … or not), build their subscribers, and sell or barter advertising on their sites (Macaroni Kid national places two side ads and ⅓ ad on the top banner on each site, the rest of the space is all yours!). In addition to advertising revenue, Macaroni Kid Publishers are enjoying a whole bunch of perks that come along with being publishers -- press tickets, discounted travel, product samples and lots of barter -- for their kids’ classes and even housecleaning and family pictures. 

Join our network of over 500 publishers across North America who are sharing the scoop, becoming valuable resources for their communities, and building their own businesses.

Who are Macaroni Kid Publishers?

Macaroni Kid Publishers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and skills sets. Many of our publishers have no publishing or market experience, but have found that Macaroni Kid fits a need in their lives. Whether it's helping them to find the balance between work and play or those just looking for something more than being "just mom",  Macaroni Kid provides the tools and the community to help publishers build a business and find what drives them.  

Publishers are moms (and a few dads) who love sharing the wonderful things going on in their communities with other families and in the process, they find that their communities needed them as much as they needed to something more! They are making differences, changing lives, and having fun while doing it. 


Jennifer Schorr - Payroll & Workers' Compensation Manager turned Macaroni Kid Publisher Mom

After deciding to be a stay-at-home mom following the birth of her 3rd child, Jennifer needed something more. She found it with Macaroni Kid! This busy Pennsylvania mom uses the skills she has learned as a Macaroni Kid publisher to recognize needs that are in her community and to find ways to fill them.

“I found Macaroni Kid at a time when I needed something for myself, more than being ‘just’ a wife and mother. I have been publishing now for 5 years and it has offered me more opportunities than I could ever have imagined.”


Kindle Rising - Speech-Language Pathologist and Macaroni Kid Publisher Mom

In 2010 this Arizona mom had a great "day job", a baby and a preschooler at home, and a husband whose work hours made them ships passing in the night. She had always enjoyed writing and already spent hours on the internet looking for things for her own kids to do. She never imagined she would still be part of Macaroni Kid 9 years later!

“My job is very demanding, but I love it, and I have never intended to try to replace it. That said, I love that Macaroni Kid is a different kind of job and an outlet that provides me with additional income and wonderful opportunities for my family.”


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Harlisha Homer- Early Childhood Administrator turned Macaroni Kid Publisher Mom

Harlisha is a Texas mom of four who is always on the go! As a former early childhood administrator for over 20 years, Harlisha uses her love of writing and research, and her connections in the community, to bring family fun to her area. She loves to travel, take pictures, listen to music, and as a history lover, learn new things about old topics

“I love being a Macaroni Kid Publisher because of the built-in support and encouragement from fellow publishers. And as a researcher at heart, it’s something that is a natural fit for me and is my way of contributing to my family while still having flexibility.”


We are real moms in our communities, changing lives one family at a time!



Well, just my family alone, we are living off my husband’s income and my MK income so I don’t have to teach full time.
We also get to enjoy a lot of Broadway plays, musicals, waterparks, museums, and other family activities. Then the MK parties are great, free events for our community. It’s building family fun as well as growing local businesses. I truly love my job!
— Beth Carlson, Lafayette, IN Publisher
Hi Joyce and Eric, I have been reflecting a lot the past few weeks on my 18 month journey with Mac Kid. It’s been such a great experience! From the shows, classes, opps, and most importantly relationships with other publishers. It has enriched my life in so many ways and helped my community of Scranton. Thank you. I am attaching a picture of my youngest at Toddler Gym. I appreciate your vision and look forward to what the future holds!
— Alicia Marshall, Scranton. PA Publisher
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would ever have to turn down free tickets to shows, sporting events, kid classes, vacations, etc because I already had so many fun things booked! Thank you, Macaroni Kid, for opening doors for my family! I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a publisher. #bestjobever #opportunityofalifetime #MacKidLove
— Sarah Hauge, Englewood, CO Publisher
It has given me choice. I think so many women, especially moms, struggle with the concept of having it all or balancing a fulfilling career with parenthood. We have the dream here, the choice to be full-time parents, run a much needed resource, and be active in our a way that really works for each of us as individuals and our schedules. Having the choice and ability to do all of this (from our homes) is so precious. I appreciate that I have the choice to do all the things I want...not so long ago I was in a career that did not give me that. So, in case I haven’t said it recently, THANK YOU!
— JoBeth Bootz, Evansville, IN Publisher