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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Publisher do?

As a publisher, you will be responsible for researching your area, inputting events and articles into your newsletter each week, and sending it out to your subscribers, with a minimum of 40 publications a year. You are responsible for managing your social media pages and all the marketing of your Macaroni Kid business.  


Does a Publisher have to live in their community?

We require all of our publishers to live, work, or play at least 30 minutes from their territory. Time has shown that publishers are not successful unless they are in the community that they publish for. You need to be able to connect to that community and you can’t do that if you live too  far away.


Do I need to have any experience with publishing, ad sales, or social media?

No past experience is needed! We provide all new publishers with handbooks, guides, and videos to help you get started. We also will connect you to our Publisher Development team who will be on standby to help answer any questions and walk you through the first few months of being a publisher.


How many hours does a successful Publisher put into their business each week?  

The time commitment really varies based on your goals with Macaroni Kid. Some publishers do this as more of a hobby and some do it for an income. That part is up to you! It always takes more time during the first few months as you are familiarizing yourself with the site and how everything works. For the first few months, our publishers can spend up to 20 hours a week on their site. Many publishers choose to keep their Macaroni Kid business as more of a hobby and therefore, their weekly hours decrease significantly as they learn where to find events and get their site established. Others choose to continue to put in more hours in order to generate more income and grow their business more quickly.


How much money will I make?

What you can earn varies with every territory and depends on each Publisher’s goals and time available to contribute to the venture. Some consider Macaroni Kid more of a hobby and so they do not necessarily pursue advertising; others have made this a very successful full-time job. The more time you put into it, the more potential you have to earn. Keep in mind; this is not intended to be a "get rich quick", MLM, or direct sales business.  It is a super flexible, fun way to connect with your community while building a business for your family.


Do I need any special software or equipment?

You can work from any Mac or PC, as long as you are able to get online to access our Macaroni Kid platform. The site is very easy to use and built for all technical abilities. If you can upload a picture to Facebook, you can run a Macaroni Kid site. It is helpful that you be comfortable with social media (especially Facebook and Twitter) so that you can connect with the families in your community, as well as the advertisers that you want to collaborate with.


Are there any start-up costs?   

Other than your monthly hosting fee, there are no start-up costs paid to Macaroni Kid HQ. Each publisher handles their own finances and accounts payable/receivable. This is your own business and not one that Macaroni Kid HQ manages for you. And remember, you keep 100% of the income you earn.


How do I get started?