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Macaroni Kid Publishers Spread Kindness Through the Country


Each year, Macaroni Kid Publishers across the country celebrate Macaroni Kid Act of Kindness Day (#MKAOKDay). MK-AOK Day is an extension of Macaroni Kid’s core mission to enrich the communities in which we live. Through this very special day, we aim to inspire all Macaroni Kid Publishers to take the lead and encourage families to work together to do good and spread joy through acts of kindness, both big and small.

We had some amazing acts of kindness this year, full of originality and thoughtfulness. While all 50+ of our publishers' acts of kindness are worthy of being  highlighted, some of our favorites include:

  • Donations collected from subscribers to benefit the Pediatric Wing at Deaconess Gateway Hospital. Not only did this publisher provide over 200 items to the hospital (everything from games to coloring books for patients), but she also provided coffee and donuts for the staff in the wing.  

  • Spending the afternoon in a nursing home playing games, making crafts, and dishing out sweets to the residents. The kids had a blast and the residents' day was made just watching little people have fun. 

  • One of our publishers' 11- year-old daughter held a bake sale in their front yard and raised $100 for a local animal shelter. 

  • Reaching out to Hurricane Florence victims. This publisher went around the impacted area paying for meals, dropping off game boards, etc. She spent $1000 of her own money that was her 'personal spur of the moment budget."

  • Donating bed linens and bath towels to Carrfour Supportive Housing. These went to formerly homeless families, veterans and disabled.   

  • Encouraging their kids to sit next to a child who was alone in acting class.

  • Donating $875 in gift cards to families affected by the forest fire in CA.

Check out a visual of our impact HERE.

joyce shulman