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New Publisher Reflects on Her Decision to Join Macaroni Kid

It's always fun to check in with our newer publishers to see how they're doing and find out how we can best support them. Check out this email from Diana, publisher of Macaroni Kid Chicopee-Holyoke, MA, as she reflects on her first two months with Macaroni Kid.


Things are definitely falling into place. Kelly and Nicole have been so good to me. 

I mention Macaroni Kid to just about everyone I come across. I ordered my business cards and have been passing them out. I have reached out to all libraries and Boys & Girls Clubs in my area, the contact from the mall, and some local schools. I have my first booth event on December 9th at a dance studio so I'm super excited about that. I have been looking for other events to do. I know they slow down after the Holiday but I'll definitely book as many as I can because I love those type of events, meeting people and chatting. That will probably be a BIG step to meeting people and increasing my subscribers. I have hosted 2 giveaways. They haven't increased my subscribers but it'll make the winners happy and hopefully, they'll spread the word. :)

I have bartered with a few businesses for music lessons for my 13-year-old, and table and chair linens and catering for my husbands birthday party. I've had a museum agree to barter for tickets for one of my giveaways. I also just did an article on a local food pantry and gave them complimentary ad space and business listing. (My personal favorite non-profit.) Things are coming along!

My goal for the next few weeks is really to gain subscribers, build relationships and look for businesses to pay for ad space as all my recent deals have been bartering for services/goods or tickets. 

I am very happy with how things are going. Very happy with the support from everyone. And so thankful that you allowed me to be a Macaroni Kid Publisher. As I told you before, this is so up my alley! I'm hoping this allows me to continue to stay home with my little one and to just build more relationships in the community and help others. I'm a nurse and I work per diem but my goal is always to help others. It's definitely just in me no matter what it is I do. 

Thanks for checking on me.


joyce shulman