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Macaroni Kid Goes Old School With Pen Pal Program

“Years ago, at one of our first events for Publishers and their families, I saw the some of the original Macaroni kids playing together,” Chief Macaroni Mom Joyce Shulman explains. “I had always known that there were very special relationships among the Macaroni Kid Publishers, but that day, I saw relationships that seemed to form instantly among the children of the Macaroni Kid Publishers.”

Since then, Macaroni Kid has worked to connect the Macaroni Kids, many of whom are an integral part of their parent’s Macaroni Kid adventure.

“I’ve called her my assistant since day one,” explains Jess Miller about her 8-year-old daughter Evie. “She loves Macaroni Kid and has been involved in pretty much everything I’ve done.”

So this summer, in an effort to pull kids away from their screens and help to combat the dreaded “summer learning slide” Macaroni Kid had had an idea: Macaroni Kid Pen Pals. Last week, the invitation went out to the community -- would your child be interested in being paired with the child of another Macaroni Kid Publisher as an old-fashioned pen pal?

“The response was fantastic,” Joyce says. “In about a week, we had more than 70 kids sign up.”

Each will be connected with a child in another region of the country who is a similar age and shares some common interests. Motivated by their Macaroni parent, they will exchange letters and cards describing their hometown and what they are up to for the summer.

“I think the instant popularity of this program is a testament to the strength of the bonds among our Publishers and their desire to provide their kids with a least a taste of the sense of Macaroni community they feel,” Joyce explains. “And everyone loves to get mail,” she adds.

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