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How Macaroni Kid Changed My Life and Helped Me Land My Dream Job

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The kids were in bed, and my husband was working nights, and I sat alone in front of the TV with Grey’s Anatomy playing in the background as I scrolled through Facebook, feeling exhausted, depressed, lonely… a mess of emotions as a stay at home mom of two young boys.  So many parts of my life had changed in the transition to being a mother, and somewhere along the way I lost my sense of identity and I didn’t know how to get it back.  I used to travel, go to concerts, hang out with my friends… I used to be a fun person!  As I scrolled a little further down on my Facebook feed, I saw a friend post a link to her Macaroni Kid site and I clicked on it… and that was the start of finding new purpose and a joy in being a work-from-home mom over the past 3 years.  

This Macaroni Kid page showed my friend going to shows with her kids, traveling to fun family destinations, and even getting out with her mom friends to concerts and comedy shows and going on fun dates with her husband… and she was bringing home income to support her family through all of it.  Right then and there it was like a light bulb turned on and I had a drive and determination that I was going to start Macaroni Kid in my town, I was so passionate that I signed all my paperwork and committed within 48 hours of seeing that Macaroni Kid page.  

When I joined Macaroni Kid, I saw it as an opportunity to get out of my rut and help other moms in my similar situation.  Filling my calendar and keeping my newsletter relevant and full of community events began to increase my subscriber numbers, slowly at first, and then like a tumbleweed effect, and it’s still growing!  Helping others brought a joy back into my life that had been lost somewhere between dirty diapers and the mountains of laundry in the bathroom corner.  

My Macaroni Kid site continued to gain momentum with subscribers and on the social media pages, creating a brand with fun photos of my family getting involved in our community and events. My social media pages stirred up conversations when I was out in the community and helped develop relationships that later led to advertising contracts and eventually to a few side jobs!  Two businesses hired me to maintain their social media accounts because they saw the real results I was getting on my Macaroni Kid page, which increased my income and still allowed me to work from home.

Opportunities just kept coming and knocking on MY door, and all due to giving back to our community through my Macaroni Kid newsletter and social media outlets!  A month ago, my city asked me to come on board and run marketing for their Parks & Recreation Department, which was a huge compliment in and of itself.  I originally turned down the position due to the time commitment they were asking, but they came back and met all my requests for hours, pay and vacation, because they wanted what they saw on Macaroni Kid for their department as well.  

Next week I start this new adventure, and it is perfect timing as both my boys will be in school full time come August.  Three years ago I could have never imagined where this journey would take me, but I stepped out of the fear of the unknown and that courage has been greatly rewarded!  This new position will pair with Macaroni Kid so well, and I see both benefiting for the good of our community.  

When becoming a publisher at Macaroni Kid, I was told over and over that this is a marathon and not a sprint, and that has rung true in my life.  Finding my purpose and joy in helping our community has changed my perspective on life and has made me a better mom, wife and friend to all those around me.  I’ll never get tired of someone in the grocery store saying “you’re the Macaroni Kid mom!  I love getting your newsletter!”  Those tidbits of encouragement keep my passion high for helping others find their family fun.  

- contributed by Mary Campbell, publisher of Macaroni Kid Lodi


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