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10 Macaroni Kid Publishers Explain How and Why They Joined the MK Family


Macaroni Kid publishers come from all walks of life. Elementary school teachers. Corporate recruiters. NASA astronaut trainers. Payroll managers. We’ve got a little bit of everything when it comes to background.

What is even more interesting to us is the reasoning behind why all of these women (and a few special men) joined the MK family and changed their lives forever.

️💜 It was a great resource for me when I had my second son, and then when the publisher left there was a void that needed to be filled and it was the perfect match!

💜 I was lost on what to do as a first time parent. I was a full time working parent so I didn't have the advantage of being in a mom group. Macaroni Kid was a great source of what to do on the weekends and lots of fun crafts. I started winning tickets to events and prizes for my family. Then I started sharing the page with everyone! Soon after, I started publishing my own edition.

💜 ️I got a flyer from my son’s preschool and ended up subscribing. I loved it so much! When the previous publisher was stepping down and posted a help wanted, I reached out and never looked back.

💜 ️I was nursing my twins in the middle of the night and googled 'things to do with kids.’ That’s when I discovered Macaroni Kid. I saw a link that said: "Want to be a publisher?" I was a new stay at home mom with 5-week-old twins and a 3-year-old and felt like I was staring down a black hole of diapers and spit up. I wanted to do something 'more' with my life. I never expected it to be this amazing and provide so many opportunities for my family.

💜 ️I was a subscriber when I saw an article citing the need for a new local Publisher. I already knew the community well so I thought I would try it out! I am so glad I did!

💜 ️Five years ago I moved to a new state. We had no family or friends in the area. I relied on the internet to find things to do. Time and time again, Macaroni Kid popped up in my searches. I subscribed to all the local sites, and when one became available, I met up with a nearby publisher to get more info and talk through the details. I was already doing similar work so it was an easy sell! Best decision I ever made.

💜 ️I found it in Redbook magazine roughly eight years ago. I Googled it, landed on nearby site, I liked the concept, and here I am!

💜 We adopted my 11 month-old granddaughter and I needed to find activities for her. I went online and luckily found Macaroni Kid. A few months later, the publisher left and I was lost. I decided to become the publisher and help other mothers looking to entertain their children. I love being involved in the community and giving back!

💜️ I was looking for baby items on Craiglist and saw the neighboring Macaroni Kid site had put up an ad. I immediately searched to see if my town had an edition. It didn't! I called the number and after talking about MK with the founder for 30 minutes I was sold! It is exactly was what I was missing as a Stay at Home Mom of twins.

💜️ I saw a post in a women's networking group on Facebook and took the plunge. I love networking with independent, local business owners and helping them reach a wider audience.

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