Meet Macaroni Kid

Macaroni Kid publishes hyper-local, community-focused weekly newsletters and websites that focus on all things happening for kids and families in communities across the US and Canada. We connect families with businesses, community centers, schools, not-for-profits, libraries, and all of the businesses that help to enrich our children, our families, and our communities.

The key to our success is our incredible team of Macaroni Kid Publishers, each of whom is the parent in-the-know in her local community. Click HERE to meet a few of our Publishers.


our mission

We call our mission e2: Empowering moms, enriching communities

At Macaroni Kid, we focus on the things that unite us, not the things that divide us. Family, Community, Supporting one another, and the Power of small businesses. We are deeply committed to making the world a better place, one personal connection at a time.



the way of the Macaroni

The way of the macaroni emcompasses the 10 principles that govern our business. they were created with the input of macaroni kid's first 28 publishers more than nine years ago and remain our core values. They are:

  1. Enrich our communities.

  2. Empower each other.

  3. Be responsive, kind, and generous of time and spirit.

  4. Put family first, but don't lose sight of self.

  5. Create.

  6. Dream.

  7. Innovate. Take risks. Make mistakes. Fix. Repeat.

  8. Be curious.

  9. Business is personal.

  10. Collaboration, not competition.